Astrophotography - mk3
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M20 - The Trifid Nebula (left) & M8 - The Lagoon Nebula (right) - About 5200 light years toward the center of the Milky Way lies this complex of stars and gas. Many deep space objects and thousands of stars of all types can be seen here. The Trifid Nebula appears to us as a combination of both emission (red) and reflection nebulae (blue) but it is really two separate objects. The blue reflection nebula lies behind the red area and is farther away. A small cluster of stars can also be seen at lower right.

This image was composed from several master images ranging from thirty seconds to seven minutes in duration for a total of just over 8 hours of exposure. Taken June 20-27 2009.


Field center: RA: 18:04:36.766, DEC: -23:56:8.713
Field size: 2.73 x 1.82 degrees
Camera: Modified Canon 300D DSLR @ 800 ISO
Filter: None
Lens: 80mm Apo
F/stop: 6.1