Sunrise at La Quinta - mk3
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Sunrise at La Quinta, CA 12/27/10.

A short movie showing sunrise at the La Quinta Resort's Dunes Golf Course. Shot looking south across the first hole - tee box to the right. At 6am every morning the groundskeepers come out of the sheds across the course and spread out to tend the fairways, traps, greens and tee boxes. People begin teeing off around 6:30 or so. Jets can be seen heading into and out of LA and San Diego. The moon transits across the top just out of the frame. Venus can be seen as it rises on the left side of the frame.

Shot using a Canon 60D, Sigma 10mm wide angle lens and timed using a Canon TC-80N3. The camera is positioned looking directly south across the southern Santa Rosa Mountains. One image was recorded every 15 seconds beginning at 5:30am and ending 8 am.